What is Puzzle Book?

Nowadays, you’re more likely to see kids playing video games than putting together traditional puzzles. But adults are turning to puzzles more and more, both to unwind and to challenge their brains in a new way. Our current promotion is for an irresistible selection of quality wordsearches, Sudoku and all delivered straight to your door every month! You will also have the chance to win cash prizes of up to £500, all-inclusive holidays and much more.

With the Puzzle Club, you have the opportunity to be in a great monthly subscription, which includes:

  • Huge selection of Sudoku, Wordsearches and many other brain teasers
  • 12 Puzzle books per year
  • Upto £2500 worth of prizes in each book
  • Lots of prizes to be won every month

How much does your subscription cost?

How about you try our free, 21 day, no obligation trial. After the trial period, the subscription is ONLY £24.99 per month.

 Book Club